The single greatest benefit of AAFFA membership is our organization-wide focus at providing the best Association experience possible for our members. This means providing substantive and practical practitioner support for all levels of need, and for all levels of involvement that members have in the various disciplines we support. Our concern for members and the seriousness with which we take our responsibility—can be felt at every turn in your relationship with us. You will feel this when talking to our caring headquarters (HQ) staff, you will know this when you talk with other members about their AAFFA experience, and you will be convinced of this when asking for counseling and mentoring guidance from those same members on a matter with which you are challenged.


All successful careers have at their roots a network of peer professionals who support and mentor each other. And though many associations like to think they do a good job in this area, we are one of the few that truly do. Networking among AAFFA members usually begins with their initial certification training operated through our sister organization, the Consultants’ Training Institute® (CTI®). Our bootcamp style of training, taught from a practitioner’s “in-the-trenches” perspective, is quite rigorous, and pulls people together because attendees quickly learn that two or more minds working together is better than one. After your initial training, the Association has devised engaging ways to draw newly certified as well as seasoned members closer together. This includes monthly Case Analysis by Webinar (or in Person) roundtables where members have the opportunity to have their business valuation reports reviewed and critiqued by their peers. It provides dozens of opportunities to attend and mingle at live events each year. It includes State Chapter events where agendas and topics are selected, leveraging our five conferences per year, where chapters tune-in live to those events.


Distinguishing our Association from most others are the great strides we take to get members involved. This serves two primary purposes: first, Association involvement is a way to help members build their reputations and credibility; second, 25 years ago AAFFA’s founders realized that supporting an industry was bigger than they were, and the best way to rise above the challenge was to find and facilitate ways for members to help each other. This led to the creation of Boards, Committees, Teams, Task Forces, and Support Groups—all contributing to the benefit and wealth of our membership. It is from these groups, and the many hundreds of people who support them, that most of the ideas have come to make AAFFA a model Association for others to follow. But most particularly, and often unexpectedly, it is within these groups that relationships are formed—be that friends, mentors, respected acquaintances, and even partners.


To learn more specifically what AAFFA membership can do for you, explore our website. To truly appreciate what AAFFA membership can do for your career, you need to join, even if it is at the low-cost Associate level, which will gain you access to most every benefit of membership and plug you into a network of over 7,000 financial professionals. Then, if you wish to pursue a credential, become a Practitioner member. At either level, however, you are assured a rewarding relationship with AAFFA.


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